Dear Reader

Gromon István Mayor

Gromon István Mayor

I have the honour to welcome You on the official website of Pilisvörösvár.

By visiting the following pages You can get acquainted with the history and sights, institutes and associations of Pilisvörösvár, as well as You can get a foretaste of the culture and feasts of the here living German minority.

Thanks to the on-line issue of the Vörösvárer Paper You can look into the public life, cultural and sport events of the settlement. You can also read into the decrees, decisions and minutes of the meetings of the body of representatives.

If You are citizen of our city, we help You with the every days, too: we make known in detail, where, when and who You can turn to in the mayor’s office, if you attend to Your business, what is the address and phone number of the members of the body of representatives, when and where the family doctors and specialists of the town consult.

If You are not citizen of our town, You can get to know more interests about ourselves and our town. We hope, You visit us soon, not only virtually, but really as well, in order to find pleasure in our hospitality.

Meanwhile You can note Your notice, opinion into the visitors’ book and forum or You can write me personally (

Dear Website-visitor

by the local government elections 1st October 2006 the citizens of Pilisvörösvár honoured me with their confidence and gave me opportunity to work hard for this settlement with a history, which is also my native village and the residence of my ancestors. On the other hand the opportunity is accompanied by responsibility, of course. Please, help the body of representatives and me with our common highly responsible work by sharing Your opinion and advice. We would like to turn the life easier, more beautiful, more substantial of those, who live here or who visit us.

I thank You for Your help in my own name and in the name of the body of representatives and the officials of the mayor’s office.

Gromon István


If you have any qvestions, please write to the editor for moore.